In the fifteen plus years that Tim has been privately working with, and inspiring talented minds; he has worked with some of Hollywood’s brightest talents. Tim signs a proper NDA with all his clients keeping their goals and strategy completely confidential. No gossip. No negativity. No outside opinions.

He can tell you they come from all areas of life including:

  • Oscar-winning actors

  • Best-selling Writers

  • Award-winning film creators

  • Political figures

  • Standup Comedians

  • Scary film FX teams

  • Mystics and Psychics

  • Touring dance performers

  • Emmy winners

And now after all these years of success helping creative clients reach their identifiable goals, Tim is opening his schedule to take on new clients. Clients like YOU.

What does it look like to begin the process?

  • We discuss your goals, and what roadblocks there are to achieving them

  • Define what does success mean to you

  • Timeframes for this endeavor

  • Costs

  • Identify how committed you are to an abundance mindset full of opportunity and adventure vs one of scarcity and negativity. We don’t want you to be your own worst enemy and too often people are.


Tim has access to literally everybody in the industry as well as top line PR and representation firms. Everything from social media influencers to A-list talent, getting celebrity endorsements or media appearances. What you may be missing in your game plan Tim can provide. Contact him today.

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