After graduating from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with his bachelor’s degree in Communications, Timothy Charles Chizmar has written for various magazines, newspapers and websites including Fangoria, First Comics News, and many others. He has sold short stories to such collections as Chicken Soup for the Soul and has written various screenplays for Hollywood production companies. He’s also been one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets, having been a ghostwriter for some of today’s hottest authors and celebrities. You’ve read his words but just didn’t  know it! Tim has been a proud member of various


Although Tim has a fondness for the stories that go bump in the night, it has not all been a career of terror as his lighter credits to date include ABC, FOX, Showtime, Comedy Central, Playboy, NBC, The Hallmark Channel, and many more. He has produced various television pilots including a comedy/action series for CMT starring wrestling superstar Rob Van Dam that had showrunner Eric Bischoff attached. He’s produced such features as the Eric Roberts’ lead film Unchained and The Year of Laughing Dangerously starring Patrick Kilpatrick and Mindy Robinson. As a headlining comedian Tim was a favorite at The World

writers’ organizations including The California Writers Club, Writers Guild of America, and he even co-founded the Las Vegas Chapter of the prestigious Horror Writers Association. Tim’s collaboration with writing legend Clive Barker was featured in the Bram Stoker-award winning book ITS ALIVE: bringing your nightmares to life, published by Crystal Lake Press.

Hollywood IMPROV, The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club, and has toured all over the world playing sold-out casinos, clubs and colleges. To date he has worked with such standup legends as Jeff Foxworthy, Gabriel Iglesias, Jon Lovitz, Daniel Tosh, Brad Williams, and many others.


When he’s not inspiring fellow writers by being on panels at San Diego Comic-Con, WonderCon, Las Vegas Book Fest, Idaho Writers Guild, or speaking at Hollywood Success events, he's constantly working on his next project. Because for Tim Chizmar, there’s always a next project!

After Tim had been successful enough to become a regular at red carpet premieres, he left all the glitz and glam behind for the mountains and quiet of Idaho for a year as he completed his first full length books and took a more direct interest in his coaching. He truly feels that his clients’ success is his success. He always looks forward to having frank, honest, and engaging discussions on the business of the writing craft with his clients. Just one of Tim’s tips to young writers is this, on the top of a successful book never has BEST WRITTEN AUTHOR rather; it only says BEST-SELLING AUTHOR. Learn the industry’s rules, and then can you break them.

“Tim is a man of faith. He would never call himself that, but he is drawn in a direction he would never have chosen for himself. He is the ultimate sacrificial pilgrim on a self-imposed spiritual journey.”

-Pastor Ernest Updike, Calvary Church


“You gotta hand it to the guy. He believed it. He achieved it. You can’t hold the guy back. Tim and I have several things in common. We dreamed and we followed. That’s what people like us do and without dream followers, the standard of what can be accomplished is compromised. We know better. Because this common ground is so mission driven, I will always be in support of Tim and his many adventures. As he continues to add title after title to his accomplishments and career, I want him to know that I have his back...”

–Rob Van Dam, ECW, & World Wrestling Entertainment Champion